Is Your Hair 100% Virgin Hair and if so what makes it that?

Everyone is always skeptical on whether or not the hair they spend so much money is 100% virgin hair. Below are a few distinguishing things one must look for when figuring out that question that runs through every customers mind, is this hair real, is the quality worth the price?  


Real virgin hair has a natural color because it has not been dyed. Take a close look at the color is proportioned. Most hair will contain some natural highlights or strands, which combine lighter and darker elements. If you find that the color is too consistent and appears to be dyed, then chances are that the hair is not real or 100% virgin hair. On the other hand, if you find a few strands that have a lighter shade compared to the rest, then you probably have the real thing.


Virgin hair will not have a completely perfect texture. It will actually have a slightly coarse surface. If the feel too smooth or too shiny it may be to good to be true. Chances are it may have been exposed to chemicals or treatments that gave it that polish. If you run your fingers through the hair, you might even be able to feel the coating that some of these treatments leave.

The Wet Test

Another effective way of checking if the hair you’ve bought is real is a wet test. Wash the hair over running water to see if the curls or patterns come back. If it does, then you probably have real virgin hair. If it stands rigid and does not retain moisture, however, you probably have fake hair.

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